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What is a pre-blast survey?

A Pre Blast Survey is needed to provide a baseline record of all pre existing conditions of properties surrounding an excavation project that requires blasting. Any blasting in the City of New York requires that a Pre Blast Survey is offered to surrounding properties and structures before a contractor can start work. If you receive this offer of a survey, please respond within the given time frame. These codes are in place to protect all parties involved. Protectonic also performs Pre Construction Surveys to document the existing conditions of structures around other types of work sites that cause ground vibration. 


Pre Blast Surveys provide the security of an independent study of properties near the construction area. These records may then be referenced to determine if the construction activity has had any affect on these structures.


What happens after I schedule an appointment? 

An experienced technician will visit your home or business. The PreBlast Survey is a confidential video record of your property to record the interior and exterior conditions of the structure (drywall, plaster, carpentry, and masonry).  The technician will thoroughly video the visible surfaces within your structure. 

The time required for this inspection will be discussed and dependent on the size of the building.

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