Know that you are always in compliance with wireless seismographs. All vibrational data is accessible, wirelessly, to any of your devices. Our machines are set to warn you via text and email

PROTECTONIC monitoring technology can be set up anywhere, inside or outside. This technology is applicable to any construction site, from drilling and blasting, sheet piling, general excavation and any type of site work that needs to stay in compliance. We save you money by automating the Seismic Monitoring Process. Know that when your activity is producing more vibration than you would like, you will know within 90 seconds.

This equipment operates without any technician. It was developed for the construction and rock removal industries. For wireless monitoring, we are the most cost effective company in the business. Our fees are always rolled into one price, no hidden costs; set up, break down, reporting and service are at one low cost per machine. Reports are generated every 24 hours. 


PROTECTONIC uses Nomis and Instantel Seismographs with a cellular modem to provide the

most accurate, fast, and low cost monitoring solutions.

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