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Wireless Vibration Monitoring

At Protectonic, we ensure that you're always in compliance with our wireless seismograph systems. Your vibrational data is effortlessly accessible on all your devices through wireless connectivity. Our machines are configured to send instant alerts via text and email.

Our monitoring technology is incredibly versatile, suitable for use in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. It's ideal for a wide range of construction activities, including drilling, blasting, sheet piling, general excavation, and various site work, helping you maintain regulatory compliance. By automating the seismic monitoring process, we not only save you time but also money.

The best part is that this equipment operates without the need for a dedicated technician. It was specifically developed for the construction and rock removal industries, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution. When it comes to wireless monitoring, we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry, with no hidden costs. Our all-inclusive fees cover setup, breakdown, reporting, and service, all at a single, low cost per machine. Reports are generated and delivered to you every 24 hours.

Protectonic utilizes Nomis and Instantel Seismographs, equipped with cellular modems, to deliver the most accurate, rapid, and cost-effective monitoring solutions in the market.

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