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 Special Inspections

Protectonic  specializes in providing special inspection services for construction projects, complying with the requirements set forth in Chapter 17 or on Appendix A of 1 RCNY 10106, as well as any special inspections mandated by other codes. 

Each report generated by a Special Inspector is reviewed by a Lead Inspector, Project Manager, and Technical Director prior to distribution to the client.  We strongly believe in the quality of our reports.  Our team of inspectors are qualified and experienced to handle any inspection that may be encountered.  Part of our success is that many of our inspectors are multidimensional and able to cover different types of inspections.  We maximize the skills and abilities of each inspector to pass on cost savings to you.  For example, our mechanical inspectors are also certified in energy, plumbing, sprinklers, and fire/life safety since they are closely related to mechanical system installation.  Rather than sending four inspectors on a single piece of equipment, we send one.

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   Our Inspection Services is a full-service provider of:

  • Shop Inspections of steel, concrete, pre-cast, and pipe fabrication. 

  • Special Inspections and Construction Inspections

  • Load Testing of slabs, balconies, railings, fire escapes, etc.

  • Post Installed Anchor Testing (PIA)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Site Safety Plans, Fire Safety Plans, and Tenant Protection Plans 

  • Non-Destructive Testing (UT, MT, PT, RT)

  • Engineering investigation including failure analysis, existing conditions of structures and systems, foundation and slab investigations, building facade and envelope inspections

  • Expediting and Code Consulting Services

  • Construction Management, Program Management, and Owner's Representation

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