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NEW YORK CITY TPPN 10/88 (Technical Policy and Procedure Notice, 1988)

If you are working within 90' of a Historical Building, you must adhere to this law. This may require you to perform pre-construction surveys, crack and tilt monitoring and vibration monitoring. Before many projects can be carried out in New York City, surveying and monitoring must be completed prior to construction. At PROTECTONIC,  you will be provided this service to stay compliant with this NYC Policy. 

PROTECONIC has provided these construction monitoring services since 1999. We will determine the exact needs of your project, the buildings that require protection, and the state of the art equipment to ensure compliance and protection. All at a cost that will meet your needs.

We provide Preconstruction Surveys, Vibration Monitoring, Optical Surveys, and Crack monitoring throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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