Pre-construction surveys are required before work can begin for the protection of the Contractor and the surrounding building owners. Since 1999, PROTECTONIC records the conditions of any structure by using digital video and photography. This comprehensive process ensures that the existing conditions of the structure are thoroughly known before any work begins. Our technicians carefully record all visible surfaces and use LED light to illuminate any imperfections that are hidden in ambient light. The chance of damage occurring to any structure is near zero as work is thoroughly regulated.  We have surveyed homes, businesses, office buildings, bridges, schools, and Dams. Our process ensures that areas are easily located in case of a damage claim. Some people define damage in different ways. To this end, we cover everything. These surveys are also called: "Building Envelope Surveys" and "Existing Condition Surveys".

Be careful, many companies only survey damaged areas, do not use video, and charge you for the data. Upon completion, we provide all digital files on a hard drive. We can also produce menu driven DVD's.


NEW YORK CITY TPPN 10/88 (Technical Policy and Procedure Notice, 1988) - NYC ONLY

If you are working within 90' of a Historical Building, you must adhere to this law. This may require you to perform:

   PreConstruction Surveys       Crack Monitoring      Vibration Monitoring

                     Horizontal and Vertical Surveys (Optical Monitoring)

Before many projects can be carried out in New York City, surveying and monitoring must be completed prior to construction. PROTECTONIC provides the services to successfully navigate this policy.

TPPN 10/88, established on 1988, creates a baseline where, both contractors and neighbors, are legally protected during a pre, ongoing and/or post-construction process.

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