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Preconstruction Surveys

Pre-construction surveys are a crucial prerequisite before commencing any construction work, serving to safeguard both the contractor and surrounding building owners. At Protectonic, we have been dedicated to this vital task since 1999, employing advanced digital video and photography techniques to record the condition of structures. 

Our skilled technicians meticulously document all visible surfaces, utilizing LED lighting to reveal imperfections that might be hidden in typical ambient light conditions. 

We offer our surveying services for a wide range of structures, including homes, businesses, office buildings, bridges and schools. Our systematic process makes it easy to pinpoint specific areas in the event of any damage claims. These surveys are also commonly referred to as "Building Envelope Surveys" and "Existing Condition Surveys."

Upon completion of the survey, we provide a pre-construction report, as required by the Department of Buildings (DOB).


                               NEW YORK CITY TPPN 10/88 (Technical Policy and Procedure Notice, 1988)

If you are working within 90' of a Historical Building, you must adhere to this law. This may require you to perform:

                             PreConstruction Surveys       Crack Monitoring      Vibration Monitoring

                                            Horizontal and Vertical Surveys (Optical Monitoring)

In New York City, a mandatory prerequisite for commencing many construction projects is the completion of thorough surveying and monitoring. At Protectonic, we specialize in providing the essential services required to navigate and meet these regulatory requirements successfully.

TPPN 10/88, established on 1988, creates a baseline where, both contractors and neighbors, are legally protected during a pre, ongoing and/or post-construction process.

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