Attended or Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Whether a job calls for a permanent wireless monitoring station or a technician on site, our vibration and noise level monitoring programs are designed to meet the needs of any project. Vibration is safe as long as it stays within the safety standards. Vibration Monitoring ensures Regulatory Compliance. 917.795.9021.

PROTECTONIC monitors Vibration, Sound, Settlement (Optical) throughout the City for private and public projects. Our Seismographs can be set up in any environment, inside or outside, with power or can be equipped with a Solar Panel.

Professional Set Up

Our experienced technicians understand how and where to set up a seismograph to accurately record all ground vibration. We utilize Seismographs by Instantel, Nomis, Geosonics and D&L Thomas. Our machines meet any sampling requirements and are fully downloadable for waveform analysis. All vibration records are saved and provided digitally upon request.

Our software can easily perform regression analysis to help predict Peak Particle Velocities.

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